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Below is the link for captioning of the VRATE Expo and Users Guide to assist individuals who want captioning services.


URL of Event Captioning: check here on conference day


Users Guide to StreamText


1. Click on the URL assigned by the provider.


2. NOTE: This link can be opened on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. If you

have trouble opening the link, try using a different internet search engine

(Google, IE, Firefox, Bing, etc.)


3. After opening the real-time page, you will see a green checkmark in the lower

right corner to indicate you are connected. If you see a yellow circle an

exclamation point, you are not connected.


4. Tabs at the top of the screen that will allow you to change the appearance of your real-time screen. Click on Theme, Font Size, Font Family, Background, and Text Color to

personalize the appearance of the real-time page.


5. If you uncheck the box under Scroll, real-time text will stop scrolling.


6. Click View Transcript to go back and review the text. While you are viewing

the transcript, real-time captions continue to run in the background. To return

to realtime, simply close the transcript.

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